6 Dressing Tips for a Perfect Bridesmaid

A shower party or a wedding celebration are special occasions by any standards. As an attendant to the bride, you are expected to reflect this unique status by dressing appropriately. But what does dressing appropriately mean? And how to go about choosing and buying the perfect bridesmaid piece? Here are 6 useful tips.

One. Last minute shopping is a bad idea

It might look like a trifle to try on a couple of designs and just go for the best fit, but bridesmaids dresses require more consideration. It is better to allow yourself some time for research, eying trends, comparing prices, asking around and, last but not least, making provisions in case you need alterations.

Two. Research

The bridal industry is a thriving business. It means that you can easily find plenty of information about every aspect of your wedding attendant role. From classic etiquette guides to the most peculiar details of hemming, there is a lot you can learn to make your experience fuller and more conscious.

Three. Engage the wedding party

In most cases, your choice of a bridesmaid dress will be a compromise between the bride, you and other bridesmaids. To get the most out of this experience and have some fun, why don't you just get together for some boutique hopping or website surfing. Trade ideas so that you arrive at the best solutions and everybody feels a valued member of the wedding party.

Four. Time to measure

Most bridesmaids dresses are not available off-the-peg for every size, so you have to get measured to provide a basis for custom manufacturing. Unfortunately, since sizing conventions vary, tailors are prone to mistakes and perfect fitting matters greatly in a bridesmaid dress, alterations are a standard practice.

Five. Accessories and flowers

There is plenty of extras that can go with your dress and it is usually in accessorizing where bridesmaids have a bit more freedom. However, there are still some traditional conventions to contend with, for example considering which flowers fit which season best or how to arrange colors.

Six. Being a bridesmaid and beyond

With the privilege of attending the bride come a number of duties. You are expected to be reliable, helpful, supportive and enthusiastic throughout wedding planning and on the big day. Your bridesmaid dress is supposed to reflect your role, but you are also entitled to think about how you can extend its life, saving it from joining the rack of useless castoffs. Consider designers whose goal is to give their client a beautiful quality dress that she can carry with her for years to come.

Jenny Yoo is a bridesmaid dress designer and creator, known for relying on understated elegance, simplicity and creativity. bridesmaids dresses