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Pics or it Didn’t Happen

“Getting engaged should be urban dictionary’s definition of “cloud 9”.
– every bride-to-be.


It’s a feeling of bliss, a never-before-reached level of happiness, overwhelming outpour of love… essentially, when you’ve just gotten engaged, there’s not much that can kill your vibe.

Cue the wedding planning! Although planning your upcoming wedding can quickly begin to feel stressful, we see engagement photos as one of those “to-do’s” that doesn’t actually feel like a chore. Instead, it’s an opportunity for the couple to relax, let loose and capture one of the most special moments in their lives (before all else hits full force).

Look good, feel good. It’s practically a science. Getting in front of the camera can be nerve wrecking enough, and we have to admit- there’s nothing else that will put a damper on the mood more than wearing something you don’t feel free, comfortable and beautiful in.

Our Jenny Yoo real brides-to-be are here to help! We’ve rounded up our favorite free- flowing and breathtaking engagement photo looks that will do all the talking posing for you.

First up, the Alanna dress! She’s the perfect choice for letting your dress do all the work. With it’s open back flutter details, you’ll look gorgeous from any angle (especially if you’re the shy away from the camera type).

Next, the classic Cassie dress in Eden Bouquet Print! Calling all boho babes, this is your winner. Talk about free-spirited, comfortable and flattering for all.

Of course, one of fan favorites – the Inesse dress. She’s simple, she’s sleek, she’s ever so chic 😉 P.S – we declare Cinnamon Rose one of the most romantic shades of red.

Pro tip: For those who never know what to do with their hands while being photographed solo (aka, every single one of us) a beautiful bouquet that compliments your dress is the perfect photo prop!

Last but not least… let’s talk about separates, baby.
Get more out of your photoshoot session with a transitional outfit! Often times, couples will change their look mid shoot to get a variety of photos (important for the couples who love a good insta post… or 10.)

Photo Credits: First row from left to right: Nina Ruth Photography, Solalee Photography, Kristen Edwards Photography. Second row: Kaylee Chelsea Photography. Third row: Tenth and Grace Photography. Fourth row: Daniele Pierangeli.

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