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Color Palettes for Spring

As any New Yorker will agree– with Spring comes an overall sense of revival. Extended daylight, lighter jackets, rooftop hangouts… and most importantly, COLOR.

Getting married in the Spring is a perfect way to take advantage of the magic in the air that comes with this post-Winter change (or let’s admit, UPGRADE) in season, and have some fun with styling her bridesmaids.

To our Spring brides, you’ll want to make sure your bridesmaids reflect the season with fun colors, bold prints and flirty cuts! Check out some of our favorite Spring/Summer color palettes below for major inspo.

Luxe Chiffon in Dusty Rose, Chartreuse, Chai, Sedona Sunset, and Whipped Apricot; Stretch Velvet in English Rose

First up: We named this combo after a few of our favorite things… “Sunshine & Rosé”. It’s the perfect mixture of fun, modern and boho. Throw in a touch of yellow and glistening velvets for dimension and texture!

Luxe Crepe in Sedona Sunset; Stretch Velvet in English Rose; Knit Crepe in Hibiscus

Who doesn’t love a good cranberry mixer in the Spring/Summertime?
If you’re not completely digging the yellow, nix the idea and swap it out for a romantic but just as fun look with our rich burgundy color, Hibiscus.

Chiffon in Whipped Apricot, Ditsy Print; Satin Back Crepe in Petal; Soft Tulle in Whipped Apricot

Give the crowd something else to *blush* over with this airy, femme yet cool-girl look. Monochromatic is in– but boring, isn’t. Keep it unique by giving your girls full range on trendy fabrication choices!

Chiffon in Whisper Blue, Ditsy Print; Soft Tulle in Whisper Blue

It wouldn’t be a proper Spring/Summer color palette conversation without mentioning one of our Jenny Yoo crowd favorites: Whisper Blue. Whisper Blue is just as soft & refreshing of a blue hue as its name lends itself to sound. Make sure to throw in a few floral prints and tulle styles to keep the crowd guessing!

Crepe De Chine in Alpine, Mayan Blue; Soft Tulle in Mayan Blue; Embroidered Tulle in Serenity Blue; Knit Crepe in Mineral

Blues & greys go together like champagne toasts + tissues on your wedding day. Searching the perfect greys can be challenging, but look no further!
Timeless and super chic, you’ll never look back on your big day and wish you went a different route with this dusty blue, dove grey & floral look. Also, don’t be afraid to throw in some embroidered tulle styles– perfect for the maid(s) of honor.

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