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Emerald, Moss, Olive, and Eucalyptus.. even in twenty years, you won’t regret going for these earthy hues of green. With tones available in all our fabrications, the styles and colors that match your bridal aesthetic are ready to ship in a wide variety of styles. For more options and shades of green, order swatches and place a made-to-order for any of our dresses in your favorite green palette, special shout out for Sage, Morning Mist, and Forrest. Shop green bridesmaid dresses now

Green bridesmaid Dress Blog - Emerald Image

Emerald green is one ours and many brides’ favorite colors. Bold, vibrant, and deep the Emerald color is available in Stretch Velvet, Satin Back Crepe, and the Luxe Satin bridesmaid dress assortments. The lightweight and comfortable Luxe Satin is drapey and soft, fitting seamlessly into any wedding season or venue. For a more formal look, we recommend Satin Back Crepe, its subtle shine will add instant elevation. Finally, and most strikingly, an all-Emerald velvet bridal party will be pretty hard to top.

Bridesmaid Dress Blog Greens - Eucalyptus

Switching gears to a lighter and fresh hue, Eucalyptus. Like a breath of fresh air, this subtle hue will compliment you without stealing any attention. Eucalyptus bridesmaid dresses can be shopped online and made to order in Luxe Satin, Luxe Chiffon, and perfect for Fall – Stretch Velvet. Want your maid of honor to shine in her own gown? See more.

Bridesmaid Dress Blog Greens - Moss

A gorgeous and airy choice to consider is Moss. A medium color that looks beautiful on all skin types, Moss is available in our popular Luxe Chiffon, Pebbled Crepe, and Luxe Satin bridesmaid dress fabrications. Highly recommend mixing Moss with our Sage bridesmaid dresses, available in Satin Back Crepe and Luxe Chiffon.

Bridesmaid Dress Blog Greens - Olive

Available in Luxe Satin, Stretch Velvet, and Luxe Chiffon: Olive is deep and edgy. Stunning for an outdoor wedding or at least pictures. Brides searching for the perfect moody bridesmaids hue, you’ve found it.