Mismatched or Matched? How to pick Bridesmaid Dresses.

With so much gorgeous bridesmaid dress inspiration out there, the question will inevitably come across a bride's mind, to match or mismatch for her bridal party. This is a very personal decision and ultimately as bride should do what's going to make her happiest on her wedding day. There are benefits to matching bridesmaid dresses such as consistency, clean, and subtle. There's numerous styles and colors that look great on every body type. If you're a bride that favors a bit more experimentation, try a mismatched look of varying degrees (described below) that will allow of you to seamlessly match your wedding decor, give your bridal party option of color, fabric, or style that best suits them, and create depth in your wedding photos. We love having fun with selecting the color and style assortments to photograph and these are our favorite combinations for 2023.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses and Colors

Buttercup Melody 496 2400x3600

Melody in Buttercup Luxe Satin

Pale Yellow bridesmaid dresses that looks good on everyone? You better believe it. NEW for 2023, Buttercup is a soft and neutral yellow that shines delicately in any light. This color absolutely CAN and does look good on everyone with just the right amount of gold pigment. The Melody dress in Luxe Satin cinches the waist to give shape for any body type and can easily hide a strapless bra. Shop this bridal party look.

English Garden Print Nova 32 2400x3600

Nova in Enchanted Floral Satin

The case for all floral bridesmaid dresses: 1. Brightens up any photo 2. Super forgiving and 3. Goes along with the flowers you just spent your life savings on. Shown here in the Nova Dress Enchanted Floral Print. Shop online.

Whisper blue Alissa 63 2400x3600

Alissa in Whisper Blue

At a price all your friends will love, Alissa is $180USD, comes in 3 stellar colors, and has a flattering fit on numerous body types with adjustable straps. There's never been an easier decision to match bridesmaid dresses. Shop Alissa online only in Whisper Blue, Moss, and English Rose.

One Color, Different Styles

With over a dozen Luxe Satin bridesmaid dresses and a new jumpsuit, everyone in your bridal party will be happy to choose their own style. Eucalyptus, Fuchsia and Lilac Mist are new for 2023, soft but striking, and in the perfect hues that compliment all skin tones. Shop all luxe satin styles.

Eucalyptus Nicole Summer Jonie 1055 2400x3600

Eucalyptus Luxe Satin

Fushia Melody Summer Nova 1174 2400x3600

Fuchsia Luxe Satin

Lilac Mist Sylvie Summer Melody Nova 1465 2400x3600

Lilac Mist Luxe Satin

Satin Annette Rylie 1650 2400x3600

Spring Florals

For the fashion forward bride and bridesmaids, consider a pop of florals to bring life and the party to your bridal party. Lighting up any skin tone and exclusively on jennyyoo.com, they're our most un-bridesmaid dresses.

One Color, Different Styles, Different Fabrics

Photographers love when brides go the route of mismatched bridesmaid dresses and fabrics. There's something about the balance of highlights, lowlights, and shine that create unforgettable depth in wedding photos. See below for some of our favorite combinations.

Eucalyptus Melody Dark Eucalyptus Liliana Mara 322 2400x3600

Dark Eucalyptus Velvet and Eucalyptus Luxe Satin

Black Palmer Quinn Jocelyn Satin Ava 849 2400x3600

Black Pebbled Crepe, Floral Satin, Knit Crepe, and Stretch Velvet

Emerald Nadia Chase Jonie 909 2400x3600

Emerald Luxe Satin and Satin Back Crepe

One Color Palette, Different Styles, Different Fabrics

If you're bold enough to take the mismatched bridal party to the next level, we welcome you to consider a family of colors that blend together seamlessly in any fabric or style. Maybe one of your bridesmaids is a hold out on one color or you need more dress choices, then this option is for you.

Buttercup Melody Pale Gold Lauren Nadia Briar 146 2400x3600

Pale Gold Luxe Satin, Satin Back Crepe and Buttercup Luxe Satin

Whipped Apricot Nadia WildRose Summer Nova 245 2400x3600

Whipped Apricot, Enchanted Floral Satin, and Wild Rose

Fushia Melody Petal Nadia Canyon Sunset Nicole Wildrose Eloise 1092 2400x3600

Fuchsia, Wild Rose, Petal

Eucalyptus Summer Ingrid Morning Mist Jenna Dark Eucalyptus Mara 1304 2400x3600

Eucalyptus + Morning Mist

Different Colors, Fabrics, and Styles Bridesmaid Dresses

If you've made it this far, then you're the ultimate cool bride who wants what she want and isn't afraid to see her vision through to life. This mismatched bridal party look can be created for any season, any bridesmaids, and any bride. Trust us, we can make your dream bridal party look happen. Whether it's tying together subtle hues, necklines, or similar fabrics, the Jenny Yoo stylists are waiting and ready to have just as much fun as you with bridesmaid dress planning.

Marigold Jenna Whipped Apricot Maeve Eucalyptus Ingrid Lilac Mist Jocelyn Moss Lyric 1345 2400x3600

Earth Tones in Luxe Chiffon and Pebbled Crepe

Buttercup Jensen Eloise Chambray Summer Whisper Blue Nova 476 2400x3600

Chambray, Buttercup, and Whisper Blue

Kelly Green Nicole Emerald Carrera Lilliana FenchBlue Naida 783 2400x3600

Kelly Green, Emerald, and French Blue