Wedding Guest and Party Dresses for Every Event

Your dress code guide for every type of wedding you can think of. Whether you're the bride or a wedding guest, you undeniably want to look your best. We're here to help you with that. From backyard wedding brunch to black-tie formal, there's a selection of gorgeous dresses in various lengths, prints, and colors that will have you crashing weddings left and right, just for the chance to wear another Jenny Yoo dress. The best part is, wear your cocktail dress or gown for parties, anniversaries, or just when you're feeling fancy. Take a look below and shop all Jenny Yoo Event and Wedding Guest dresses.

The Backyard Wedding

April 2400x3600 Campaign Edited 10

April $230

Jasmine 2400x3600 3D

Jasmine $240

The Classic Ballroom


Rory $330


Jensen $290

The Beach/Coastal Wedding

Leilani Oxford 2400x3600 Campaign Edited 114

Leilani $210

Bellini Rust 2400x3600 Campaign Edited 3

Bellini $220

The City Loft or Rooftop Wedding - Kendra, Benson

Kendra fuchsia 1

Kendra $285


Benson $198

The Castle or Estate Wedding - Carrera or Dahlia

Carrera 2400x3600 ComingSoon10

Carrera $300

Dahlia 1 2400x3600

Dahlia $330

The Mountaintop Wedding - Calla, Lunetta

Calla PlusSize emerald

Calla $245

Lunetta Clay 1 2400x3600

Lunetta $220

The Desert Wedding - Dayana, Kat

Dayana 2400x3600 1B

Dayana $230

Kat PlusSize moss (1)

Kat $198

The Garden Wedding - Essex, Claudia


Essex $240


Claudia $220

The Vineyard Wedding - Ava, Melanie

Ava 2400x3600 4A

Ava $260

The Industrial Wedding - Nicolette or Rachel

Nicolette kelly+green 3

Nicolette $220

Rachel dark+berry 1

Rachel $298

The Modern Barn Wedding - Abby, Peyton

Peyton 2400x3600 Campaign Edited 5

Peyton $250

Abby copper 1 Updated

Abby $198

The New Years Wedding - Angie, Aimee


Angie $245

Aimee Angie 0001 Aimee Angie 7494 Edited

Aimee $149 on Sale!